Commercial Fuel Pumps


SHARK Junior & Economy Flow Rate from 40 lpm to 130 lpm


Basic models

Fuel dispensers TATSUNO EUROPE of the series SHARK Junior and SHARK Economy serve for dispensing of liquid oil products into road vehicles on retail and commercial outlets. Dispensers SHARK Junior are of a one-sided or double-sided, one-product, single-hose design. Dispensers SHARK Economy are of double-product, double-hose design; two cars can be filled simultaneously from both hoses, and moreover each hose can dispense a different fuel product.

The fuel dispensers are equipped by the high-quality Japan hydraulic system TATSUNO and by the reliable electronic calculator PDEX or TBELTx (Czech Republic).


  • Hydraulics TATSUNO (Japan)
    Hydraulics TATSUNO (Japan)
  • Reliable electronic counter
    Reliable electronic counter
  • LCD displays (7-6.5-5) with controlled LED backlight
    Hose springs
  • Two-channels pulse generators TATSUNO (Japan)
    Sight glasses for fuel flow check
  • Electronic registers for every dispensing nozzle
    Modern compact design
  • Electromechanical register for every dispensing nozzle
    Hydraulics TATSUNO (Japan)
  • Hydraulics TATSUNO (Japan)
    Reliable electronic counter
  • Vapour recovery system with electronic signalling
    Hose springs
  • Dispensing hoses and nozzles ELAFLEX (Germany)
    Sight glasses for fuel flow check
  • Valves for accurate dispensing of preselected amount/volume
    Modern compact design
  • 4-buttons keypad for dispensing to preselected amount/volume
  • Various builded credit modules for local credit cards/chips
  • Dispenser version with volume displays only
  • Various colour performance – on customer request

Technical Specifications

  • Delivered flow rate
    Standard 40 ltrs/min / high 80 ltrs/min
  • Accuracy of dispensing
    ± 0.25% (at min. delivery 2 litres)
  • Maximum Pressure
    Standard 0.18 MPa high 0.25 MPa
  • Electric motors
    Three-phase, 3x400V/50Hz, 0.75kW, 1395 rpm
  • Counter power supply
    230V +10% -15%, 50Hz max.85VA
  • Power supply of the switching elements
    230V, 50Hz
  • Operating temperature
    -25°C ÷ +55°C (with heating kit -50°C)

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