System Information

  • Connect to an unlimited number of Fuel Pumps / Dispensers & Nozzles
  • Accepts all major credit cards and debit cards
  • Local customer account package (RFID)
  • 10.4” User Interface Touch Screen
  • Audio Voice Over Customer Instructions
  • DCI / UK Fuel Cards accepted
  • Stand-alone units, or fully integrated into the dispenser no external equipment required
  • Detailed reports, viewed by local network connection or remote internet connection
  • Can withstand all types of outdoor harsh weather environments
  • 60mm terminal customer receipt printer
  • Secure RFID Fob/Card Reader
  • Secure Chip & Pin Card Reader
  • 365 days of year remote status monitoring, insuring 100% up time and reliability

For more information, please contact Petro Systems Management:

Tel: (021) 7335690