Temperature Compensation

How Does Temperature Affect My Stock ?

If you are currently suffering losses it is partially due to temperature variations, which unless you are buying and selling your fuel temperature compensated, you will have losses. Installing ATC will eliminate the losses that are due to temperature.

Any remaining losses will be down to other variables such as:

  1. Calibration of the fuel dispensers,
  2. Leakage from storage tanks or suction lines
  3. Theft
  4. Evaporation of fuel (Petrol only)

It is important to note that the average ground temperature in Ireland is between 9-11°c

All fuel should be purchased temperature compensated ,commonly known as (V15) not ambient

Why Do We Need Temperature Compensation ?

Liquids sold by volume are affected by variations in temperature. When they are sold at a temperature, that is different to the temperature that they were purchased at, there will either be a loss or gain to the retailer. If the selling temperature is lower than the purchase temperature, there will be a loss to the retailer, and conversely if the selling temperature is higher than the purchase temperature , there will be a gain to the retailer.

A.T.C allows the retailer to iron out these losses or gains, at least back to 15°C, by recalculating the dispensing volume back to the accepted standard temperature, for volume measurement of liquids of 15°, commonly known as V15. If the retailer were to purchase their fuel at V15 (temperature compensated), and sell the fuel at V15 then all temperature losses would be eliminated.

Example: 20,000 ltrs of petrol delivered at 15°c

Where the temperature of fuel in a storage tank is at 11°c the delivered fuel will soon adapt quickly to the temperatures in the tank, resulting in the volumes to decrease.

1. Without ATC:
20,000 Ltr, Of fuel purchased at V15 and sold at 11°C

Losses would = 96 Litres

2. With ATC
20,000 Ltr.of fuel purchased at V15 and sold at V15°

Losses would = 0 Litres

How Fuel Expands and Contracts with Temperature

Diesel fuel contracts or expands 0.85ml in a litre approx for every degree change in temperature.
20,000LTR DELIVERY (.00085 X 20,000)would = 17 LITRES PR DEGREE CHANGE .

Unleaded fuel contracts or expands 1.2ml in a litre approx for every degree change in temperature.
20,000LTR DELIVERY (.0012 X 20,000) would = 24 LITRES PR DEGREE CHANGE.

The Solution…

ATC is technology whereby the measured volume on the pump metre is automatically corrected in function (using temperature compensated factors) of the measured temperature,

In simple words there is a temperature sensor in the meter, of the fuel dispenser this sensor determines the temperature of fuel passing through it.

Calculation software within the dispenser, then uses the temperature information to recalculate the volume, based upon the 15°reference and calculates the new volume price on the display.

Therefore, your fuel pump takes into account the volume changes as a result of temperatures. Changes resulting in the fact that you can sell the volume you bought.

With ATC the lost litres belong to the past and you can have indisputable control on your stock.


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